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PPC Services in Bangalore

Being a search engine marketing company in Bangalore, BinaryDigital360 will help you to have the best PPC ad campaigns and make it easier for you to drive more traffic to your website and grow your business easily. To execute PPC ad campaigns flawlessly, you need experts who would understand the paradigm of the market in which you are dealing and bring out specific keywords which will actually play a huge role in making the campaigns more successfully by driving more quality traffic to your website. BinaryDigital360 is the congregation of PPC experts who are executing PPC campaigns for our clients quite efficiently for many years through ROI driven campaign management and generating positive results with prowess. With their understanding of the market and exceptional execution skill of the PPC campaigns, BinaryDigital360 can provide you with cutting-edge PPC campaigns with the help of our team of PPC experts in Bangalore.

Our Specialized Paid advertising service platforms

Google ads

BinaryDigital360 will help you to execute Google ad campaigns and bring more traffic to your website quite easily.


BinaryDigital360 will help you to drive all your online prospect customers to your website thorugh Facebook ads.


Through our Instagram PPC ad campaigns, you will find a significant amount of traffic to your website and elevate your business to the next level.


Find your next customer from the platform of Twitter through effective PPC campaigns executed by the experts of BinaryDigital360.


A platform where professionals meet can turn into a platform to gain customers for your business through efficient campaigns.


Turn the video streaming platform into your platform of generating regular customers with the PPC campaigns.

Why Should My Business Invest in PPC?

Easy Way to Reach Targeted Audience

PPC is probably one of the easiest ways of reaching the targeted audience. When you optimize your ads for certain keywords, a customer types it and lands into your page. It is as simple as that. So, reaching your targeted customer becomes much easier with PPC.

Create Brand Awareness

In this day and age, the importance of creating brand awareness is known to all the businesses. However, creating brand awareness can be an uphill task. But with PPC, you can do that easily because your ads will occupy the first place in the search result pages. It will help you to become relevant in the mind of the customer which is very important.

Get Conversions Easily

Those people who are landing to your website via PPC are already willing to buy your products and services. Therefore, you will be able to convert them easily and increase your sales. PPC is perhaps the easiest way of increasing the sales of your company.

Increase ROI

If you only focus on the investment side of PPC then you are only focusing on one side of the coin. On the other side, you will have a tremendous increase in your sales as well. Therefore, your overall ROI will increase. The more you invest in PPC the more you can gain from it and this has happened to most of the businesses which have invested in PPC.

Our PPC services includes following activities

Keyword Research

The primary thing on which the base of the success of your PPC campaign is the keyword research. At BinaryDigital360, we put tremendous importance on the keyword research. We have PPC experts who can bring out the perfect set of keywords which will bring the right customers to your website.

Landing Page Development

Bringing the customer to your website is only half of the job for an effective PPC campaign. The page in which the customer will arrive should be compelling enough to make that person a customer for your business. Through our outstanding landing page development, you can do that very easily.

Advert Creation

No matter how perfect the keywords are for your business or no matter how great your landing page looks, all your efforts will go in vain if the advertisement is not captivating to the customer. As a progressing PPC Company in Bangalore, Binarydigital360 will help you to create fascinating adverts which will entice the customers to create the PPC ad and visit your website.

Identify Target Customers

In PPC, targeting the right customers is very important in order to find success in running the campaign. In this regard, at BinaryDigital360, we look to identify your targeted customer and approach to design the campaign in a manner that it will attract that specific group of customers easily.

Goal Tracking

Goal tracking is a very important part of PPC ad campaigns. Without tracking your goal regularly, you will not be able to gauge the actual impact the campaign is having in your business. At BinaryDigital360, we will help you to track your goals in a comprehensive manner.


You need to have regular reports from the company that is running your PPC ads to find out the status or the results of your campaigns. At BinaryDigital360, we will be send you reports regarding your PPC campaigns on a regular basis.

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Frequently Asked Questions

PPC is the most effective way of promoting your business online. It is also very much cost-effective as you will reach a far greater and your business-specific audience with PPC than with any other print media promotion. That is why many small to large scale businesses are using PPC to grow their business easily and effectively.

It will be difficult to specify one single PPC channel without contemplating on various factors such as business, goals, and target audience because choosing the PPC channel depends on these factors significantly.

Initially, when you are starting your PPC ad campaigns, it will be advisable that you should start with a minimum daily budget depending on your business goals.

BinaryDigital360, a growing PPC agency in Bangalore has a specialised team of researchers who will perform market research according to your campaign goals to determine the possible ROI from your PPC ad campaign. It will also help you to modify the campaign in order to generate a greater ROI.

BinaryDigital360 is a growing PPC agency in Bangalore which charges PPC campaigns at affordable prices. Moreover, the charge will vary from 15% to 20% of the total spending for your entire campaign.

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