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Promotional SMS Services in Bangalore

Take your business to the forefront of a wide range of targeted audience with promotional SMS Service! With 98% open rates SMS communication has the highest impact while being cost-effective, fast, and flexible.

Generate highly qualified leads for optimal conversion using our Promotional bulk SMS service.

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Our Promotional SMS features adding Strength to your Marketing Mix

Missed Call Services

BinaryDigital360 offers the most Flexible SMS services that suits businesses of any size. Whether you just starting out or run a huge corporation, We offer highly effective SMS solutions tailored to your specific business and targeted customers. Generate quality leads at affordable prices using our missed call services.

Bulk SMS Services

Our SMS solutions are a perfect fit for businesses in Finance, Automobile, Retail, Healthcare, Education, government and non-governmental organizations and so on. Send promotional SMS content in the language of your target customers. We offer SMS in all regional languages, so you connect well and engage better with your customers.

Dynamic 2- way messaging

Our Promotional SMS format with rich features makes it easy to send messages in the most appealing manner. You can send flash, multimedia messages for greater impact. You can also receive feedback, voting, opt-ins, cancellations, etc.

Platform Independent API

As the best promotional SMS service, BinaryDigital360 SMS marketing offers powerful yet easy to use APIs for websites, mobiles. You can easily integrate our APIs into any latest customer support software.

Smart URL Software

Our smart URL makes it easy to track the SMS and measure your business performance.

Voice Services

Our IVR based voice services makes it easy for our clients to automate customer support.

Benefits of BinaryDigital360 SMS Marketing Service that Boosts your business Performance

Better Engagement

BinaryDigital360 SMS services are geared to helping you engage better and offer a great customer experience. Promotional bulk SMS come with a host of features that help you engage better with your prospects and customers. Send out information about new product launches, discounts, coupons, etc., in the most eye-catching and attractive manner that compels your prospects to make an enquiry about your offerings.

Brand Recognition

Promotional SMS with sender id is a great way to get your brand a wider recognition among your target audience. Send your prospects and customers messages with your unique ID so they recognise your brand easily. BinaryDigital360 innovative offerings help you with a unique sender ID that your audience can easily relate it to your brand and offerings.

Schedule Messages

Our Promotional SMS service helps your business work 247! Keeping in tune with the latest technical and marketing trends we help schedule messages for special occasions for a positive customer experience. You can schedule messages for groups when you have new product launch, sale, festivals, etc., or for individuals on the occasion of birthday or anniversary etc. so you connect with your prospects and customers on a personal level.

Targeted Leads

As the leading Promotional SMS service provider BinaryDigital360 complies strictly with various regulations of the market. As such we make sure we send SMS to only those who have opted for such notifications. Only those interested in your offerings opt-in for your notifications and there is every chance that they would respond positively to your SMS marketing campaigns.

Retain Clients

We believe it takes almost 50% more to acquire a new client than to retain an existing one, so it is important for our clients to retain their existing customers. With fast, reliable SMS analytics 2-way messaging services our clients get real-time feedback, suggestions from their existing customers and prospects and can make the required changes in their offerings to improve their business performance.

Higher ROI

With more than 90% open rates for this mode of communication, promotional SMS is the best way to reach out to a wider audience. In addition, sending out communication to highly targeted customers offer a higher rate of returns on your investment. BinaryDigital360 makes sure our clients make the best out of these features, by sending out timely messages and track messages appropriately.

Data Privacy

We understand the importance of your customers’ data. We maintain utmost privacy of your client’s data to ensure security and confidentiality of your customers. In addition, we do not send Promotional SMS to DND numbers protect your business reputation.

Value – Addition

Adding value to our clients business is one of our strengths. We aim to reduce the delivery time in sending bulk messages so we associate with the best telecom companies. Our services are driven by services level agreements as agreed in accordance with our clients’ business requirements. In addition, we offer flexible SMS packages, so you can easily scale up or down the service, to suit your business requirements.

BinaryDigital360, cost-Effective Promotional SMS service for Higher Return on your Investments

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Frequently Asked Questions

We have designed easy to use control panel to send messages to your customers. Once you login to the panel, you will see a field where you need to enter the phone numbers, you can also upload you excel or csv sheet, and enter the message in the box provided below. Finally, you need to hit the send button for the magic to unfold.

We accept payments in many ways. You can make payment using credit card, debit card, net banking, or any other form of online transfers to our accounts or you can even deposit cash into our account..

Of course, we provide all the technical support and training required to send promotional bulk SMS. We provide bulk SMS API script to integrate with your websites and other CRM tools, also we provide excel and WordPress plugins required to send promotional SMS.

Well, we offer SMS services under 2 broad categories. Promotional SMS services and Transactional SMS services.

Promotional SMS services will be sent only to non DND numbers, and are promotional and marketing in nature. While Transactional SMS will be sent to all, DND and Non DND, numbers when an action is triggered, one time passwords or OTPs, while registering or making changes to an account etc.

Usually, messages will be sent with an abbreviation of your business name, along with a numeric ID, so customers can easily relate the message to your business. However, if you are a registered business and want to send Promotional bulk SMS with sender ID you need to contact our support team.

Promotional Bulk SMS services in bangalore