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Transactional SMS services in Bangalore

Stay ahead of your competition with fast and secure Transactional SMS gateway that enables you to send confidential information such as OTPs, Alerts, Order updates, important reminders, etc., in an encrypted format to the right customer on time!

As the leading Transactional SMS services provider, BinaryDigital360 offers APIs that you can easily integrate into your CRM software, website, apps, etc., facilitating sending of confidential and private messages in a customized format to your customers ensuring highest levels of security, so you win your customers trust!

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Premium API Integration Services

We offer powerful yet easy to use Transactional SMS APIs (Application Programming Interface), packed with robust security standards and all the latest features, and are easy to install in your CRM software, website, or any other tool and send messages easily and conveniently offering an amazing user experience to your customers!


Well, Transaction SMS are not for promotional purposes, however, when you send such a SMS your brand name appears as the Sender ID, and that in itself works as a promotional strategy. Your customers can relate the message to your brand looking at the sender ID and open and read the sent message.

User - Friendly Software

BinaryDigital360 as the best promotional and transactional sms provider offers easy to use interface software so you can manage contacts easily by grouping them as per your convenience so messaging would be easy! It also becomes easier to group DND and Non DND numbers and send messages to the appropriate parties.

Upload Numbers easily

No need to send messages manually to each customer, as the leading transactional bulk SMS service provider we offer multiple ways to upload numbers directly in a format of your choice either in Ms-excel or Pdf and send messages in just a click!

Customized Messages

As the leading Transactional SMS India services we offer many features that help you send messages in a way that your customers find easy to read and save to their devices! Now send all notifications, important alerts directly onto your customers screen so they find it easy to read.

Real Time Analytics

Tracking the status of your campaign is crucial to the success of the campaign, and so we offer real time tracking of such analytics to help you understand if your campaign is headed in the right direction. As premier transactional SMS gateway India, we help you can track important stats such as delivery time, message sent date, delivery status.

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Great Connectivity

With the transactional SMS service from BinaryDigital360, you should get ready to connect with a larger customer base at ease.

Higher Returns

The transactional SMS service of BinaryDigital360 is tailored to ensure higher returns for our clients as it will help you attain great results.

Expand Customer Base

When you avail the transactional SMS service from BinaryDigital360 you will able to expand your customer base and achieve greater growth for your business.

BinaryDigital360, cost-Effective Transactional SMS service for Higher Return on your Investments

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our transactional SMS service can be used by the companies working in educational institutions, financial institutions, healthcare, E-commerce, real estate and many more to send information regarding confirmation or cancellation of their products as well sending OTP to their customer.

BinaryDigital360 offers you transactional SMS service with the API integration with your website or software to send OTP, confirmation, cancellation or any other information to your customers.

You can buy transactional bulk SMS service packages from BinaryDigital360, as we accept all payments done via credit cards, net banking or cash deposit.

Transactional SMS services in bangalore - BinaryDigital360